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PS-100 for Razor and Viper

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PS-100 Attachment — For Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

The PS-100 attachment makes it possible to digiscope with Razor HD or Viper spotting scopes using point-and-shoot digital cameras that don't have filter threads. This attachment provides the required 37mm threads needed to connect to the 37mm camera adapter ring included with the Razor and Viper digital camera adapters.

The Razor HD and Viper digital camera adapters are designed for the point-and-shoot digital camera with an optical zoom of no more than 3–4x. Refer to the PS-100 Point-n-Shoot Attachment manual for step-by-step instructions on how to use the PS-100.

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52 mm Front Plate

52 mm Front Plate

52 mm Front Plate for PS-100 Point-N-Shoot Camera Attachment.

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